Democracy at the York Council

THURAISINGHAM PBK(244x172)The Council’s Executive is due to considered how to encourage more pre-decision policy debate when it meets on Thursday.

The report can be read by clicking here.

The proposed system seems to be more complicated than we might have hoped for!!

Although the new process is a step away from “behind closed doors” decision making, it pointedly fails to reinforce the rights of residents to have a timely opportunity to make representations to elected members. One welcome change is that the Councils “Forward Plan” will be updated each week although in the past there have been occasions when agenda items have been mis-recorded on this plan.  

At present there remains no requirement for advanced notice to be given of decisions which are likely taken by officers using delegated powers.

Meanwhile a five Councillor “E-Democracy” task group is due to meet tomorrow. They have courageously decided to fully exploit the outer limits of technological  innovation  – by catching a bus for a face to face meeting at West Offices!

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