Coppergate refund process and FAQs

Coppergate - Time to move on

Coppergate – Time to move on

Following approval by councillors on 30 July, City of York Council has opened the application process for the repayment of Penalty Charge Notices in relation to the traffic regulation of Coppergate.

 The application process will close on midnight on 31 March 2016.
An application must be made before midnight on 31 March 2016 in order for this to be considered for repayment. The deadline for Lendal Bridge applications has also been extended  until 31 March 2016.
All applications must be made online via , although support will be provided for anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet.

Full FAQs detailing the repayment process can be found on this webpage, or below.

Drivers are asked to read these FAQs relating to the repayment process before submitting their application. 

  • Why have you decided to allow claims and settle them?
    The Coppergate restriction is not about making money, it is about taking action to tackle the increasing traffic congestion in the city centre in the long term. Ultimately it is about creating a more attractive and thriving city centre for everyone.
  • Why now?
    The Traffic Penalty Tribunal has agreed that the Council does have the lawful ability to regulate the traffic in this way but it decided in respect of those who had appealed that the signage used was not appropriate. It has been decided that the council will revisit the signage, and in the meantime allow those who were fined but did not appeal to the TPT at the time, the opportunity of claiming the money back from the Council through the settlement process.
  • Who made this decision?
    The Executive took the decision at its meeting on 30 July in respect of those people who received a Penalty Charge Notice during the restriction of Coppergate. A repayment to settle their dispute with the Council will be made if they make an application to the council.
  • Will you repay everyone who got a fine? If not, why not?
    The repayment scheme only applies to PCNs issued under the YORK (COPPERGATE)(LOCAL BUS PRIORITY)TRAFFIC ORDER 2013, enforcement of which began on 19 August 2013. If an application to settle such a PCN is made through the Council’s process and we can validate the details provided in the application form against the records previously provided by the DVLA, a settlement payment can be made.
  • How do people go about getting their money back?
    An application process is in place which is simple but sufficient to guard against fraud and protect the public purse. You must apply via the online application process. We cannot accept written or email requests.
  • Why do I need to make an application?
    So we can cross reference your details automatically with the data we hold. This will make the process faster, manageable and auditable.
  • Is there a time limit for making my application?
    Yes, you must make your application by 31 March 2016.
  • I haven’t got my PCN number can I still make an application? What information will I need to provide?
    Yes. Information requirements will be very simple and we will need to know your name, address and vehicle registration details.
  • If I received several PCNs will I get all of them refunded?
    Yes, as long as the data you provide on your application form can be validated as correct against the data we already have from the DVLA.
  • How will I get my money?
    A cheque will be sent to the registered keeper at the home address of the registered keeper of the vehicle.
  • When will I get my money?
    Cheques will be generated in batches towards the end of each month. Applications submitted in any given month will be processed in the following month i.e. application submitted in September, processed and cheque issued during October. We are expecting a large number of applications and it may take us some time to process them all.
  • Why can you not simply repay the money into my bank account?
    The system must be easy and consistent to implement. We do not have bank account details for everyone and some bank card details will have changed or become obsolete since making a payment.
  • I am not the registered keeper of the vehicle (e.g. company car/hire car); can I still get a refund?
    You will need to speak to your employer or vehicle hire company as a cheque can only be provided to the registered keeper of the vehicle.
  • What if I’ve changed my car since I paid the PCN?
    You can still make an application; you will need to provide the registration details of the vehicle you were driving at the time the Penalty Charge Notice was issued.
  • What if I’ve moved house since I paid the PCN?
    You can still make an application but you will need to provide us with your current address and address at the time you incurred your PCN.
  • What if I received a PCN for more than one car? I own two or three.
    A separate application must be made for each vehicle.
  • What if I have a PCN for Lendal Bridge?
    You will need to complete a separate application for monies to be returned to you, via
  • I paid by credit card will you be refunding this charge back?
    Only the value of the PCN charge will be paid as settlement of your dispute with the Council regarding a PCN. No other costs which you may have incurred will be repaid.
  • What if the person claiming doesn’t have online access?
    City of York Council will of course assist anyone in person in the council’s West Offices and will help them through the process.
  • I haven’t got my vehicle registration details; can I still make an application?
    You will need your vehicle registration details when making an application. The council is not legally able to provide you with these details so please do not ring the contact centre. Please be aware that a standard registration plate is in the form of AB01 CDE (two letters, two numbers, three letters). Please also take care not to use the letter ‘O’ in place of the number ‘0’ and vice versa.
  • I have more information than the form asks for, should I include it?
    No, the details included on the form are all we need to match your application with the details on record.
  • My application has been rejected. Why? What should I do?

If we cannot match the data you provide on your application form with the data that the DVLA provided us we will not be able to make a payment. This might be due to the registration number, address, name of the registered keeper etc. You will receive a letter containing the data you provided in your application and asking you to check it carefully.

If anyone identifies an error in the data, please reapply. If they are unable to identify an error in the data please email: and someone will respond to their email.

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