Large number of objections to Bootham Crescent license application

Bootham Crescent

A proposal by the owners of Bootham Crescent – home of York City Football Club – to extend its entertainment and alcohol licenses to cover the period from 10:00am until midnight each day has attracted 13 objections. This is a relatively large number for an application concerning an established facility.

The changes to the stadium’s license will be considered at a meeting tomorrow (Monday)

Most of the objections relate to concerns about additional noise and disruption. Others point to parking and other issues particularly if outdoor concerts are authorised.

A list of conditions which are likely to be imposed has been drawn up by officers

NB York City were due to move into a new ground at Huntington next year. Delays in the plan have been revealed with details likely to be revealed at a meeting taking place on 27th August 2015

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