91% increase in car parking charges in York in just 4 years

The York Council is warning drivers that there will be substantial increases in car parking charges from Wednesday.

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They result from a Green Party budget amendment which added 10p per hour to charges.

They are in addition to the huge increases imposed by Labour since they took office in 2011.

In total some York residents will pay a 91% increase in car parking charges  compared to 2011.

Although the Council has yet to publicise the new charges on its web site in a media release they say,

“From Wednesday 1 April there will be a number of changes to City of York Council owned car parks, on street parking and season permits across the city, including:

The free-parking initiative will come to a close: this 13 month initiative was developed as a result of work between the council and City Team York, the city’s Retail Forum, the Federation of Small Businesses and key city-centre businesses will end on March 31.

The standard rate of car park and on-street charges: will increase by 10p per hour to vehicles not displaying a Minster Badge (an optional resident parking permit). For those that have a Minster Badge the 10p increase will not affect them.

Residents who are signed up to the Minster Badge scheme:  will benefit from an additional FREE hour in car parks on Friday and Saturday evening (which moves from 5pm instead of 6pm). Valid in selected car parks only.

Pay-by-phone option (in selected car parks) remains 10p cheaper per hour than the standard rate.

Season parking tickets: An increase of approximately four per cent”.

For more details about parking in York visit www.york.gov.uk/parking 

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