Further consultation on Minerals and Waste plan for York and North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire County Council, the City of York Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority are producing a Minerals and Waste Joint Plan covering all three planning authority areas. 

Rufforth waste plan


The latest draft of the waste plan shows changes to the Harewood Whin (Rufforth) site boundary on page 36.

The three minerals and waste planning authorities have responsibility for preparing a long term plan containing land use planning policies to help take decisions about matters such as where, when and how minerals and waste developments should take place.

 Further information including the main Supplementary Sites Consultation document  is available on the Joint Plan website: www.northyorks.gov.uk/mwconsult


 The main purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on the additional and revised sites that are contained in this document.

The consultation period for this stage of the Joint Plan will run until Friday 13th March 2015 and all responses must be received by 5pm on that day. 

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