39% of drivers on Wetherby Road exceeding 30 mph speed limit

It is over a year since the Police stopped using cameras to monitor traffic speeds on Wetherby Road in York,

30 mph sign lit wetherby Road 4th Jan 2015 1500 hours

The section of the road falling between the Ridgeway/Beckfield Lane junction and the end of the built up area, is notorious for problems with speeding.

The man difficulty arises for residents seeking to leave their driveways with an awkward bend reducing visibility.

About 8 years ago the Council installed flashing signs which illuminate when a passing vehicle exceeds the 30 mph limit.

It is probably time for these to be modernised with the type which shows the actual speed of the vehicle.

In a sample check of vehicle speedsĀ on the road taken this week, 39% of those entering the City triggered the sign. This is slightly higher than a similar survey found (38%) in 2011.

On the outbound carriageway, 31% were found to be exceeding the speed limit. In 2011, 42% were exceeding the limit on the same section of road.

We think that it is time for the police to recommence their camera checks in the area.

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