York Tory Councillor to be sacked over Local Plan comments

The Conservative Councillor Joe Watt,  who last week sided with Labour plans to build on York’s Green Belt, is to be sacked from his planning role.

He will be replaced on the Local Plan Working Group by fellow Conservative Paul Healey. The proposal is revealed in papers published late on Christmas Eve.

Cllr Watt outraged opinion in his Shelton/Rawcliffe ward by advocating a plan which could involve building 4000 houses on land adjacent to the A1237 at Clifton Moor.

Labour are proposing to build 15,000 additional homes in the York area in total over the next 15 years. Council figures confirm that the growth in the indigenous population will only be 6200 during the same period.

Liberal Democrat Councillors have argued for a more cautious economic growth strategy with between 600 and 650 extra homes being provided each year on brownfield (previously developed) land in the City.

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