York Cares awards

Held on 23 July 2014, the event was attended by the Lord Mayor of York who joined those there to thank employee-volunteers for their contribution to the city and to celebrate their achievements.

The council’s Income Services and Smarter York teams were among those from across the city who were nominated for a total 20 awards for going the extra mile, with both teams up for a Golden Moments award.

Smarter York officers Iain Dunn, Jennifer Cairns and Rachel Stewart were recognised for their contribution to volunteering by their support of 16 projects over the last year, which included community volunteering opportunities such as the Smarter York spring cleans, laying a new footpath at West Bank Park and working to improve St George’s Graveyard.

The council’s Income Services team was applauded for its outstanding contribution to volunteering at the Greenfields School and Community Garden project. They used a day’s council staff volunteering entitlement in May this year to build a spiral herb bed, raised funds to pay for the materials, sourced free soil fertiliser and built a bench for the garden.

Louise Cantlay, Chair of the Greenfields Association said: “Although all the teams this year have been exceptional, these guys really pulled out all the stops. A fantastic bunch of volunteers: well done to you!”

York Cares is a partnership of the city’s leading employers committed to making York a better place through employee-volunteering.

York Cares big community challenge is coming to Foxwood park in the autumn

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