“Free” car parking go ahead despite congestion fears

“Free” car parking at some City centre car parks will be introduced – possibly as soon as next week.

Castle short stay car park

Castle short stay car park

Tory and Labour Councillors combined to vote down a proposal which would have seen the “free” period restricted to off peak hours.

Instead the scheme will start at 8:000am the height of the rush hour. It will still finish at 11:00am.

The meeting, at which the issued was discussed yesterday, did not receive any new information about the effects that the concession will have on traffic levels on the highways network.

The plan could operate for up to 12 months and applies only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Most of the best used car parks – including Castle – are excluded from the concession.


2 thoughts on ““Free” car parking go ahead despite congestion fears

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