“Rag Mag” scams in York revealed

8 complaints about bogus “Rag Mag” sellers were dealt with by the York Council last year.


The sellers were pretending to be from a University or charity.

5 complaints were about people pretending to raise money for RAG (Raising and Giving)

The Council has published details of the complaints (which could relate to people fundraising on the street, online or any method).

  • 115530 – Complaint regarding gag mag sellers – allegation that the seller saidthe sale would supportunemployed people, but the complainant found the money was for the seller’s own profit
  • 116590 – Complaint regarding racist/sexist joke books and claims regarding the books being sold to help the unemployed
  • 116622 – Complaint regarding vendor selling magazines outside York Minster.Allegation the magazine is called “Gag mag” and they are posing as a student charity.
  • 116878 – Complaint regarding sale of rag mags – allegation that the seller is saying the magazine will help the unemployed
  • 116990 – 2 x Complaints regarding sellers, concerns that the sellers are implying that they arestudents and the proceedswill pay for their course.
  • 117570 – Complaint regarding sale of magazines – allegation the sellers are claiming the magazines are published by their university.Complainant feels they are out selling too much to be students.
  • 118788 – Complaint regarding conduct of joke book sellers – seller is claiming that the money will be used to pay for a college course.

4 thoughts on ““Rag Mag” scams in York revealed

  1. Grant Baker says:

    Having said no to one of the sellers I thought it would be polite to explain that I lived in York and get stopped all the time but I got as far as saying “I live in York…” And the sellers response was quite rude and aggressive saying “what do you want a blue peter badge?” Definitely not charity and definitely not students.

    • Jim says:

      Today 24 June 2018, a guy was selling gag mags outside Crabtree and Evelyn.
      He was claiming he was from Leeds becket uni, and that the mags were £3 of which £2 went to uni and £1 to the seller. BUT. He was also claiming that today was national hugs day( which it isn’t it’s on 21 Jan) so he was asking all the women and young ladies for hugs….
      Deceitful and lecherous young man.
      Surely this is against yorks policy on something ?

  2. Jeanette SMITH says:

    We were scanned with a joke magazine in a M6 service station at Lancaster. The guy said It was a rag mag to raise money for Lancaster University. He said it was £3 but he was selling it for £2. He had already put inside our car on the dashboard. We found £1 in change and he left. The magazine was full of offensive and racist dated jokes. No mention inside of the university. But it did say inside that the magazine supported the unemployed. We put it in the bin.

  3. andrew newton says:

    These people are a blight on your City,and they appear to be multiplying.I think its time you got to grips with them and booted them out of York

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