“Retain Minster Badge petition” – only 1 week left to sign

Residents only have until 18th April to “sign” a petition on the Councils web site asking for the retention of the Minster badge.


The badge entitles York taxpayers to discount car parking during the day and free parking in the evening.

It is due to be scrapped under a Labour proposal which would see a new badge introduced which anyone would be able to buy.
The petition can be accessed by clicking here

The petition reads,

We the undersigned petition the council to continue to supply Minster car parking badges to York residents free of charge. As one of the few councils in the country who have suffered council tax rises every year under the Labour council while the rest of the country hasn’t. We propose that residents have already paid for this right.

The many businesses that rely on local trade within the city centre are already dwindling. Also many businesses like restaurants and cafes rely on local trade throughout the winter months when there are few tourists. A further reduction in the number of residents visiting the town centre could prove fatal.

2 thoughts on ““Retain Minster Badge petition” – only 1 week left to sign

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  2. T Brookes says:

    It would have been nice as a resident and an employee of the City of York Council to be told of the changes, as a result of a fixed notice tonight I am now aware, never had anything as an employee or posted through the door, perhaps they don’t count where I live, certainly for parking in the city only once twice a year at the most not worth it.

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