80% of Lendal Bridge fines issued to visitors

A freedom of information response from the York Council has revealed that the vast majority of fines issued to drivers using Lendal Bridge are to vehicles registered outside the York area.

Lendal Bridge signs

Around 80% of the PCNs issued arrive on visitors doormats.

As hinted at by some correspondents on this web site, the Council has been unable to sustain the fines if appeals are lodged and then pursued as far as a tribunal.

11,578 (24%) of PCNs issued have attracted appeals

The Council says that 8087 (17%) of PCNs “have been cancelled following representations and for other reasons”.

The figures confirm that the signage used to indicate the restrictions on bridge access are hopelessly inadequate.

They will help to underpin the motion to next weeks York Council meeting from Cllr Ann Reid who will ask for the ANPR cameras to be switched off immediately.

The full motion reads:

“Council notes the report in The Press on 27th February which revealed important facts about the Lendal Bridge closure.

Council further notes that:

1. The Labour Cabinet’s six-month trial closure of Lendal Bridge should have finished at the end of February

2. The closure has brought widespread criticism from local residents, business owners, tourists and tourist groups

3. Negative media and social media coverage has been generated to the detriment of our city

4. The closure has failed to significantly improve overall bus journey times

5. Traffic displaced by the closure has caused increased congestion elsewhere in the city e.g. Foss Islands Road and Water End at Clifton Bridge

6. Officers have admitted that the trial closure has had little impact on overall air quality

7. The Labour Cabinet Member responsible has admitted that the signage at the start of the trial was “very confusing”

8. Around 45,000 motorists have received fines for crossing the bridge.

Council therefore resolves to ask Cabinet to:

a. immediately end the trial closure of Lendal Bridge

b. publicly admit that the trial has been botched and to apologise for this

c. immediately publish the raw data on the trial ahead of their detailed evaluation report

d. commit to consulting with residents and local businesses before bringing forward any future plans for Lendal Bridge.”

5 thoughts on “80% of Lendal Bridge fines issued to visitors

  1. Calum Corner says:

    Thanks York council will never visit you again after my first visit ended up with a PCN for crossing lendal bridge which until I got the PCN I didn’t even know about. Another one for the adjudicator. Your trial is unlawful and your council are using tourists in vehicles as cash cows.

  2. Kevin Dobbin says:

    I am proceeding with legal action against James Alexander as leader of the council, for several reasons similar to points listed above.

    Yes, 80% of fines are issued to visitors and that is a disgrace. However the remaining 20% are issued to RESIDENTS ie constituents who vote in the council elections. The last figure I saw indicated that 53,000 fines had been issued over Lendal Bridge restrictions. Over 10,000 of those alleged penalty charge notices were issued to residents.

    Meaning at least £300,000 has been claimed by the council from its own constituents. Projected over a year this would equate to over £600,000 from York residents’ pockets.

    Well, tourists can and will vote with their feet. Residents will have to vote at the next ballot.

    Mr Alexander is foolish to believe his bold actions in this matter will bring him glory. His foolishness in blithely dismissing his constituents’ outcry will ensure his Labour council is blamed for carrying out this debacle.

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  4. […] consequences for the Council which has raised around £1 million from fines levied in both locations are likely to be far reaching. Any driver who chooses to appeal against […]

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