Anger as York snubs Blackpool in favour of Cannes

York means business

Cannes pitch for York growth

It’s another jaunt to Cannes for those supporting York’s unrestricted growth.

The “MIPIM” started yesterday in Cannes. York is represented – with the Leeds City Region – on a stand in the Riviera Hall.

The MIPIM, the annual estate agents jamboree, has been targeted by the Councils “business team” with a glossy brochure which seems to assume that Labours plan, to increase the size of the City by 25%, will get the go ahead.

A booklet extols the virtues of several development sites (click here ) while the Councils own web site lists many locations  the development of which was assumed already to be fully funded (most have planning permission).

The initiative is therefore essentially cosmetic one.

The Council is keen to give the impression that it is influencing local prosperity. The reality is that, because of changes in the York economy over the last decade, it is the national financial recovery which will drive local investment.

The Council have been asked in the past to demonstrate measurable outcomes from events like these.

Apart from vague claims about new “leads” they have been unable to point to a single instance where a new investor has been found and has actually put money into York.

Hopefully opposition Councillors will quiz the Labour Leadership closely on this latest adventure.

Taxpayers have a right to know how much all this is costing?

3 thoughts on “Anger as York snubs Blackpool in favour of Cannes

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