York’s first social care hub welcomes first tenants

York’s first voluntary and community social care hub has welcomed its first tenants.

York Blind and Partially Sighted Society and The Resource Centre for Deaf People have already moved into the new facility in Rougier House, which they will share with other voluntary and community organisations, together with York Learning, the city’s adult and community education service.

The new social care hub will play a key role in supporting voluntary and community organisations to complement health and social care services across the city and improve the lives of vulnerable residents.

It will also enable the city to reap the benefits of a more coordinated approach to health and social care: it’s estimated that every £1 invested in care and support for adults with ‘moderate care needs’, brings £1.30 worth of benefits to residents, carers and local government by preventing people’s needs from escalating and minimising reliance on more costly public services.

Diane Roworth, Chief Officer at York Blind and Partially Sighted Society, said:”We are really pleased to be part of this new initiative.  Over the next 15 years the numbers of blind and partially sighted people in York will increase significantly, so providing easy access to a range of services is vital.Our new City Centre Equipment and Information Centre at Rougier House will benefit individuals and organisations alike.”

The principle of a Health and Social Care Hub supports two of the five over-arching aims of the York’s Health and Wellbeing Board, which are to make ‘York a great place for Older People to Live’, and ‘to ensure a safe and financially sustainable health and social care system in York.’

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