Road repairs petition started in York

Damaged road hump

Damaged road hump

Residents have started a petition aimed at increasing the amount that the York Council invests in resurfacing roads and footpaths.

Speed humps and road surfaces in Hamilton Drive, Middleton/Stuart Road, Windsor Garth, and Ascot Way are crumbling into disrepair.

Residents say that they are a particular danger for cyclists although some car drivers have also started to complain about damage to tyres.

In addition many verges have been destroyed by vehicles during the extended period of wet weather. Things have got worse since the Council abandoned its programme of providing lay-bys and verge crossovers through Ward Committees.

Damaged verge

Damaged verge

Money is available to pay for repairs as the Council is getting around £2 million a year in “new homes bonus” income from developments like the one starting on the nearby Our Lady’s school site.

It is also sitting on £1.3 million in fines income raised through camera enforcement of the Lendal Bridge/Coppergate restrictions. This money must, by law, be spent on “transport”.

Residents say the funds should be invested in highways repairs.

The Council will decide on Thursday how much of its budget to allocate to highways repairs.

The budget allocation had been nearly halved during 2013 compared to the amount being spent in 2011.

It was reported yesterday that the number of claims against the Council, for damage caused to vehicles during 2013, had increased compared to the previous year.

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