“Visionary” needed at York Council – no pay


Hot on the heels of yesterdays decision to appoint internally to a £70,000 a year “non-job”, the York Council is now trying to find someone who will work for free.

Applicants who are prepared to work for at least 2 or 3 days a week without pay to establish a new company aimed at promoting the City, only have until 7th January to do so.

Advertising any sort of opportunity over the festive period pretty much minimises the likely field so the suspicion will arise that someone’s name is already” in the frame”.

The Council says that it and partners including Visit York are looking to recruit a ‘visionary’ transitional chair to lead the creation of a new agency which will be responsible for marketing, tourism, cultural and business development for the city of York.

Reporting to CYC initially and working closely with partners including Visit York, Science City York and the two universities, as well as members of the private sector and the cultural community, the transitional chair will be an ambassador for the new agency. He or she will lead the creation of the new board and executive team and will also produce a five-year business strategy for the agency to deliver new branding, generate cultural activity, build the business and leisure visitor economy and support business development.

The post holder will be paid expenses. How the post fits into the Councils living wage policy is a mystery.

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