New Homes Bonus

Own goal

We can apparently thank the Labour Party for revealing that most Council’s have not used the New Homes Bonus (see earlier story) to provide additional affordable homes.


They blame the government for making the money available to local councils.

They then go on to score an own goal by revealing that 93% of local Councils have not built a single new home using the “Bonus”.

Amongst them is the Labour controlled York Council which stands to rake in around £8 million over the next 6 years from the scheme.

The York Council Leadership resolutely refuses to buy additional homes on the open market as a quick way of supplementing Council housing stocks.

One thought on “New Homes Bonus

  1. […] Although intended to encourage housing building, the York Council has tended to use the housing bonus payments to underpin its general capital and revenue programmes. (See also NHB 2013) […]

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