Boost for unemployed youth in York

Major cities in England will receive government cash to invest over the next 3 years to help young people into lasting employment.

Nick Glegg

Nick Glegg

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Cities Minister Greg Clark are announcing investment from a pot of government cash given to England’s major cities to invest over the next 3 years, with the aim of helping more than 25,000 young people into jobs that last.

£4.6 million will be invested in the Leeds City Region to provide intensive, targeted wraparound support for at risk and long-term unemployed young people, an innovative pilot looking at the role that Employment Agencies can play in helping young people into work and the creation of a new Young Ambassador Scheme to offer peer mentoring, support and advice to young people

There are more people in work today than ever before. Since 2010 the government has helped to create over 1.4 million jobs in the private sector and over 1 million apprenticeships have started since the election.

Since April 2012, over 136,000 young people have started a work experience placement through the Youth Contract.

On 30 July the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Minister for Cities Greg Clark launched a competition for cities to design trailblazing initiatives to boost youth employment using £50m of funding from the Youth Contract scheme.

Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing issues for the coalition to tackle. This money will go straight to people who know their city or region best, giving people locally the ability to invest in young people and the future prosperity of the city.

England’s 8 core cities and 20 wave two cities were invited to submit proposals earlier this year for a share of up to £50 million. The people behind the proposal had to prove they will be able to deliver innovative schemes explicitly designed to tackle the problem of youth unemployment.

The cash will be used to help young unemployed people from the local area in ways that suit the needs of local employers. This can include addressing skills gaps, improving training, offering more support and working with local employers to offer more jobs and apprenticeships.

The announcement comes as the Deputy Prime Minister meets young apprentices from across the country at the Skills Show and the National Apprenticeship Awards in Birmingham, which recognise and celebrate the very best of young British talent, and the employers going that extra mile to help our apprentices to progress.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said.

Helping young people succeed is crucial to our economic recovery. That is why I am pleased to announce this cash for cities to invest in getting more young people into jobs.
This is a multi-million pound cash boost for the future prosperity of our young workforce and, making our society fairer so that everyone has the chance to get on in life.
Investment like this, paired with a determination to tackle youth unemployment by our great cities, has the genuine power to change the fortunes of young people across the region, whether it’s with extra training, improving education or apprenticeships.

Minister for Cities Greg Clark said:

The days of Whitehall holding all the purse strings are coming to an end. Handing power over how cities spend money is important – this way, local leaders can do what’s best for the young people in their area. They know what will work and can make a real difference to their economic future by shaping the workforce of tomorrow.
The government is committed to making long-term investments in young people’s futures through work experience and apprenticeships. It places cities at the centre of the design and delivery of new schemes to complement the government’s existing investment to tackle youth unemployment.

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