York libraries seek volunteer helpers

Acomb Explore Library

Acomb Explore Library

York Libraries are seeking volunteers to help with a range of activities.

Examples of areas where residents could help include:

• Help with the Archives ‘A City Making History’ project

• Help read stories to under 5s (all libraries except York Explore)

• Help us with the annual children’s Summer Reading Challenge

• Help out at author events

• Help with shelving our books (all libraries except York Explore)

• Help with our regular booksales

• Help to get people online and learn computer basics


More details can be found by clicking here.

York Libraries are being privatised by the Labour run Council.

While generally we want to see residents fully involved in their local libraries, it would be a shame if professional standards were jeopardised.

Libraries should continue to be the centre of our local communities.

Large number of objections to Our Lady’s school development plans

Derelict school site next to Hob Moor

Derelict school site next to Hob Moor

Revised layout drawings have been lodged with the Council for the 56 home development proposed for the school site on Windsor Garth.

A large number of objections to the development have been lodged including these from by the Friends of Hob Moor   and the local Residents Association

Layout plan Nov 2013. Click to access

Layout plan Nov 2013. Click to access

The main objections expressed relate to the density of the development which would adversely impact on local public services.

Several residents have expressed concerns about drainage from the site which could damage the Hob Moor nature reserve.

The absence of any play facilities has been mentioned by many. (According to the Council children will be expected to walk to the facilities on Chesney’s Field – but that is on the other side of a busy road).

Layout plan Sept 2013 click to access

Layout plan Sept 2013 click to access

It has emerged that the developers want to remove the – perfectly serviceable – metal railings which surround the site and replace them with a wooden fence. Metal railings are much more durable and effective than wooden fences.

It looks like it will be a few more weeks before this application reaches the planning committee.