New parking restrictions in Clifton announced by York Council

Click for large scale maps of all the proposals

Click for large scale maps of all the proposals

The Council has agreed to implement as advertised Traffic Regulation Orders in

• R33 Bootham (South):
• Sycamore Place;
• R33 Bootham (South : Queen Anne’s Road);
• Junction of Ashton Avenue and Crichton Avenue;
• Ratcliffe Street, junction areas with Burton Stone Lane, Falgrave Crescent and Haughton Road;
• Westerdale Court, Compton Street and Clifton.

However objections from residents were at least partly upheld and proposals amended in:

Kitchener Street;

• And Field View, junction areas with Burton Stone Lane and Haughton Road (with additional restrictions on Haughton Road)

Following representations from residents and Liberal Democrat spokesperson Cllr Ann Reid, the Council has agreed to reduce the time that restrictions will apply outside 48 -54 Clifton. They will apply now only on weekdays, 10:00am – 4:00pm.

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The decision was made at a “behind closed doors” meeting.

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