Showman’s Yard consultations. Council publish response to FOI questions

The Council has published a series of replies to questions asked about how the need for a Showman’s Yard in the City was assessed and what consultations with potential users took place.

Showman's site Wetherby Road Knapton Withdrawn in July

Showman’s site Wetherby Road Knapton Withdrawn in July

The proposal to establish such a site on land between Wetherby Road and Knapton was withdrawn in July.

The documents include internal Emails between Council officials. Significantly they do not include any correspondence from Councillors.

The documents can be found be clicking the following links


Emails about Showman’s Guild meeting

Emails about March meeting

June Emails

The Council has still not indicated how – or even if – it will now seek to accommodate the claimed need for a Showman’s Yard site in the York area.

Nor has it made clear whether it is considering the Wetherby Road Knapton site for allocation as a conventional residential development site in any revised Local Plan.

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