”Get York Building” report to be published

The controversial survey on barriers to house builidng in York discussed by the York Cabinet last year may finally be made available to the public.

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In response to a question from Ann Reid, the newly charmless Cllr Laign has said,

“I would remind Cllr Reid that the findings from the GYB consultation were summarised in the report considered by Cabinet in February.

The conversations with individual developers, as she should realise being an experienced Councillor, often touched on commercially sensitive information and as such has been deemed confidential and it is not appropriate for this to be shared with the wider public.

However, it is acknowledged that not all the information from developers is commercially sensitive and I have asked officers to prepare a redacted version”.

2 thoughts on “”Get York Building” report to be published

  1. Paul Cordock says:

    This was a breach of SI2089 and as such a criminal offence.

    It was reoported to NY Police, who after consultation with the DCLG, have referred the complaint to the LGO, who are to investigate.

    The Assistant Director of Housing wrongly classified the survey as ‘confidential’ and it does not meet the criteria/definition of confidential within SI2089. The reason that the survey was witheld, is because the results were deliberately misinterpreted in the GYB report, and councillors were misled. The six GYB board members are complicit and culpable and should all be held to account.

  2. Paul Cordock says:

    Coun Simpson-Laing said the findings from the survey were summarised in the report – really ?

    If this is the case, then release the report with the commercially sensitive figures redacted, and let citizens see for themselves!

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