Coppergate bus lane camera income expected to produce a profit for Council

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The Council have agreed the final details of its plan to use CCTV to enforce the bus only ban on Coppergate. In a report to another “behind closed doors” meeting

Officials admitted that “overall, the income generated through the issue of penalty charge notices will be greater than the operating costs and the scheme is likely to generate a revenue surplus for the Council”

A background report said, “The scheme will involve the use of ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition), camera technology to Coppergate between the hours of 07.00 and 11.00 and 16.00 and 19.00, seven days a week.

Coppergate bus lane enforcement plans Click to enlarge

Coppergate bus lane enforcement plans Click to enlarge

An access and loading restriction is in place between 11.00 and 16.00.

The details of drivers contravening bus lane restriction will be retrieved from the DVLA based on images captured by the ANPR cameras and issued with penalty charge notices as per the approved Traffic Regulation Order charging regime.

The scheme will involve automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) traffic enforcement cameras installed onto the traffic island on Coppergate’s junction with Castlegate. This will enable a monitoring system to detect offenders, secure evidence and allow for civil prosecution to be carried out during the times of operation.

To ensure that only appropriate vehicles receive penalty charge notices, a list of approved vehicles will be generated and maintained within the processing unit. This will allow all vehicles passing the enforcement camera to be cross-referenced and only those genuine cases will be processed further”.

There were no objections to the traffic order when it was advertised earlier in the year.

16 thoughts on “Coppergate bus lane camera income expected to produce a profit for Council

  1. Yorker says:

    “There were no objections to the traffic order when it was advertised earlier in the year.” Where, and when, was this advertisement/publication?

  2. […] No statement has been made about any amnesty for those who have fallen foul over the last month of the extended restrictions on Coppergate. […]

  3. […] No statement has been made about any amnesty for those who have fallen foul over the last month of the extended restrictions on Coppergate. […]

  4. Abdo Sukari says:

    I have been living in york for four years
    and never noticed any changes in lendal bridge in coppergate. I was shocked when i received the penalty. nothing was clear. I was more shocked when I saw the video where you can see many people driving with no clue about the camera
    my friend got 4 penalties in two days. I do not think it is fair to use the penalty to make money. what is next , selling the street to private companies and turn schools into factories to make more money !!!!!

  5. Alwyn Evans says:

    I have just been caught by the camera. I was a visitor to York and the last time I was there it was ok to drive down Coppergate on a Sunday. York is obviously against car drivers and persecutes them at every opportunity. Ride a bike without lights, on the pavement, through the pedestrian only area or the wrong way up one way streets and you’re ok. I never fail to be amazed how a council thinks it’s ok to paint a line down a footpath and give two thirds of the width over to cyclists at the expense of foot traffic. Shame on York Council for their attitude!

  6. Andy Bennett says:

    Yes me too, had a lovely weekend in York ( again ) and met a friend from the station, so it is our normal route over the bridge!!
    How are you supposed to notice the signs too high and too low when you have a bus in front of you, and once on the bridge with cars behind you there is no escape. Shame on the Council, you are certainly going to upset a lot of tourists!!

  7. Sue Sealey says:

    My family almost always come to York for October half term. We all really enjoy the city and the friendly people there. Our last stay was seriously marred when a week after our return home I got a £60 find for travelling across Lendal Bridge at 1.30 in the afternoon on the day of our arrival.
    Having approached the city from the A19 we turned right at Bootham Bar and followed the road round, over Lendal Bridge in our effort to get the Hilton hotel opposite the Clifford Tower.
    Having previously fallen foul of a SatNav trying to direct us down a pedestrian areas in the past I carefully checked the AA routefinder and google maps to check our route.
    Nowhere either online or indeed when driving into the city did I see any notice/road painting indicating a bus lane. I appreciate there must be some notices (somewhere) but as a tourist trying to navigate round extremely busy, unfamiliar roads with tourists packing the pavements and walking into the street, these signs clearly need to be much much more visable.
    On the pictures I was presented with I am clearly following a car with another behind me, the council must be coining it in whilst your tourist industry will see a negative impact in the future, I have no doubt in light of all the angry reviews I have read on line following other tourists returning home to a fine from York City Council.

  8. Mrs Keeler says:

    Just enjoyed a two day stay in York and like many others have had my tourist experience ‘marred’ by this penalty fine for apparently traveling over Lendal bridge. As an experienced driver, I am surprised to have committed an offence without observing appropriate signage. My penalty notice shows no markings of ‘bus lane’ on the road either.

    IF I had committed an offence and felt it was valid i would pay up, but this is like daylight robbery and stealing from tourists. I will not return to Christmas Shop ever again.

  9. […] Many are using this web site to vent their concerns. […]

  10. […] Many are using this web site to vent their concerns. […]

  11. Mr.D.Lees says:

    Dear Sir,
    Regarding Coppergate bus lane camera, we have just received a penalty notice in the post because of this camera. We were passing through York on Xmas Eve at 6.46pm we never saw any signs about any camera.
    We are totally disgusted that York council is running such a nasty scam to cash in not just on residents but tourists who would not be expected to visit York and have this happen. A very nasty place and trick to play.
    Mr.Lees, Lancashire.

  12. Bharat mani Chongbang says:

    I had a great shock when bailiffs turned up 2 days ago and charged me £499. 98 without having a single penalty charges notice and funny enough that I just retrieved bus lane contravention charge notification letter from the house where I used to leave 7 years ago. It was of course the city of York council again and the charge was already gone up to £90 pound. Luckily i got that letter before it get to the crooked bailiffs who will treble the charges and haunt you down like hungry wolf.
    I am a soldier and I stand by the rules and regulation but the problem is they send the letter in wrong place knowingly and by the time you get it – it is the crooked bailiffs again.
    I am so angry for the fact that council is making money for wrong reason. This month alone, I paid more than £790 for bus lane contravention this month. It cost my wife’s monthly wages. They sent penalty charges letter in the house where I used to live 7 years ago. I have moved 3 times since and changed address too but still they have sent in the same place expecting me to pay sooner than letter. How irony? I am going to pay another £90 tomorrow .

  13. Andrew says:

    I was working in York last week , I got a fixed penalty notice in the post .shocked as I didn’t even know I had entered a bus lane , not clear ! York council should be ashamed it’s a money making scheme .AND I WONT EVER RETURN TO YOUR GREEDY CITY !

  14. alan says:

    I too was shocked when I received two penalty notices for using the bus lane with what I thought was the main trunk road through the city. Family and friends of mine (9 in total) were to visit York this summer for a 10 day holiday, but because of this money making scam, they have now decided to stay in Edinburgh. York has lost a lot of revenue because of this.

  15. N McGregor says:

    August 2017 and York council are still robbing tourists
    Is the income that large it justifies ruining your reputation ?

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