2 thoughts on “York Council publishes costs of Paris trip

  1. Paul Cordock says:

    This FOI request was made by Matthew Laverack.

    Matthew made repeated complaints about this unneccessary expense to the Council, and York Labour Party, and notified the Press about his concerns. He did not get any responses, and the Press would not print a story.

    We see more and more evidence of Alexander and England’s arrogant manipulation of process, abuse of their positions, and influence of the Press. Stories about failures or wrondoing by the Council are avoided by the Press, and comments facilities on the Press website are closed down as soon as there is any criticism of Alexander.

    It’s a shocking and appalling state of affairs, and A&E have put democracy in York in intensive care !

  2. Matthew Laverack says:

    The Freedom of Information reply is incomplete. The Council have been asked to,properly respond in full but have failed to do so.

    The method and cost of travel to the UK airport and from the Paris Airport to the hotel have not been divulged.

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