York housing waiting list continues to grow as new homes fail to materialise

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The numbers, wanting to rent homes from the Council or Housing Associations in York, has risen by over 2000 applicants (78%) since Labour took control of the York Council.

In addition over 17,000 are registered for homes with partner Councils in the Yorkshire area.

Despite this demand, the Council has seen a significant drop in the number of new homes completed.

Discounting specialist student accommodation, only 151 new homes have been completed in York so far during this financial year.

Only 29 of these are classed as “affordable”.

2012/13 could prove to be the worst year, for new family home building, in the City’s modern history.

The Council has rejected the idea of approving more homes to be let at “intermediate” rents (80% of full market rents) but has failed to identify a way of constructing any additional council houses.

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