Well fancy that – the quest for gold at the York Council

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Half of the members of York’s Labour Cabinet have taken on second jobs.

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Unlike the past, when the members of the Executive were expected to put in 40 hours (at least) a week on behalf of York residents, the current Cabinet appears not to be so fastidious.

Many residents were touched to learn that Council Deputy Leader Tracey Simpson Laing had opened up a coffee stall on Newgate Market earlier in the autumn. Commendably she immediately added the “interest” to the Councils public register. It was to be a 5 weeks before the Cabinet decided to invest £1.6 million in modernising the market.

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Meanwhile the Library service in York is threatened with a takeover by a “social enterprise” organisation. New Cabinet member David “leftie” Levene admits to being on the payroll of “Social Enterprise Yorkshire & the Humber”. No conflict of interest there then.

“Leftie” caused embarrassment for the Labour party in the summer when he steadfastly refused to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. He declared himself to be a member of “Republic” an anti monarchist anarchist group whose web site http://www.republic.org.uk/ says, “The monarchy is not only an unaccountable and expensive institution, unrepresentative of modern Britain, it also gives politicians almost limitless power”. Well that’s one in the eye for politicians like, err, “Leftie” then!

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Meanwhile the unemployable Cllr Crisp forsook our ancient City’s Remembrance Day services to head for (inevitably) Blackpool. She tweeted that she was having a fabulous “coming together” at a Diwali Party. Cllr Crisp continues to have difficulty explaining why her register of interests was not kept up to date earlier in the year although she has now admitted to receiving over £500 worth of gifts and hospitality so far in 2012.

But it is Cllr Alexander who tops the hospitality and gifts league table http://tinyurl.com/JA-York-reg. So far he has raked in around £2000 worth this year alone.

Two other Councillors may care to explain just how much time they are putting in to their Council jobs in return for salaries of around £22,000? Both Councillors Merrett and William’s also record salaries received from Amey and Yorkshire Water respectively.

But full marks to Cllr Gunnell who doesn’t have another job and who has not received any gifts or hospitality.

NB. It’s just a few weeks since some Councillors were appealing to an independent remuneration panel saying that they spent 50 or 60 hours a week on their Council roles.

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