Labour may back LibDem idea for market in Acomb

At the beginning of the month we said that the Council were ignoring the needs of sub-urban shopping areas, with Front Street one of the main victims.

Despite this the Labour Cabinet went ahead and allocated another £1.6 million for upgrades to the Newgate market in the City centre.

Well fancy that! Click to enlarge

With Acomb residents and traders increasingly angry about the Councils policies, it seems that Labour are finally waking up to the disquiet.

Whether traders who recently formed the “Acomb Alive” group will be impressed by the decision to hold an “information afternoon” on 8th December remains to be seen.

The absence of any funding to support a regeneration initiative may fuel scepticism as will the decision to scrap resident’s ballots on ward funding priorities and the plan to hold ward committee meetings at times when most people will be at work or school.

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