Only Olympic bronze for Bayley as Councillor memories continue to improve

Following our story yesterday we have been asked where residents can find their MPs register of interests. This contains details of any gifts & hospitality received. It can be accessed here Compared to the local councils register it seems to be commendably up to date although this may be a legacy of the MPs expenses scandal which enveloped Parliament a few years ago.

Local Tory MP Julian Sturdy’s entry is unexceptional. He declares only income received from the family farm.

It turns out that Hugh Bayley York’s Labour MP came only in Bronze medal position in the Olympics hospitality stakes.
His £4500 package was eclipsed by Tory MPs Chris Harris and John Stevenson.

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Meanwhile confusion grows on the York Council as the Leader and his chief hospitality scout continue to remember events that they attended but failed to record on the interests register.

There are obvious discrepancies between the York Council’s “gifts” register and the”interests” register which need to be reconciled quickly.

The only way that public confidence is likely to be restored would if an independent enquiry into the anomalies is undertaken.

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