Time to reinvigorate Acomb!

Green mould on Council noticeboard in Front Street

The Councils new policy of concentrating its resources on a City Centre “reinvigorate York” project is hitting Acomb hard.
They can’t even keep the Acomb Ward notice board free from grime and green mould growth
Nearby on Front Street, the hi tech bus journey planner terminal has been abandoned while further down the street offensive graffiti has appeared on one of the bus shelters.

Journey planner abandoned

Graffiti on bus shelter

With several empty shops now covered in advertising posters the image of the whole village is under threat.
Closure of facilities like the Councils Acomb office will only make things worse.
Time for a policy re-think by the Labour Council.

One thought on “Time to reinvigorate Acomb!

  1. Hob Moor says:

    If local councillors can’t be bothered to clean up their own noticeboard no wonder the Acomb village is going downhill fast
    Instead of advertising more Saturday “surgeries” they should get off their backsides and do some work in the community

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