Bus service changes

We reported on changes to bus services affecting the west of
York in July. The changes will be implemented from 28th August. Details are now
appearing on websites like

First http://www.firstgroup.com/ukbus/york/travel_news/service_updates/

Transdev http://www.yorkbus.co.uk/news

Pullman http://www.yorkpullmanbus.co.uk/local-bus-services

The Yorkshire travel planner should be updated shortly http://www.yorkshiretravel.net

The Council has to invite tenders to operate subsidised bus services.

Some of the tenders received were substantially below those
that were eventually accepted.

Arriva in particular decided to withdraw their tenders after
the final deadline. Not necessarily in the best interests of taxpayers or bus users
(if the Council ends up not being able to buy as many services as they had
hoped to)

Transdev seem to have picked up some additional contracts

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