Security patrols withdrawn

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The Council have withdrawn the “community ranger” security patrols which have helped to reduced crime levels in the Westfield ward over recent years. Already reports of vandalism, at playgrounds which are no longer secured at night, are on the increase.
The Council decision came when the company, which held the contract for the patrols, went into administration earlier in the year. Although steps should have been taken to re-let the contract, this action was apparently delayed leaving a big gap in the security arrangements for Westfield. With the school holidays imminent – often a difficult period with instances of vandalism increasing – it seems that the playgrounds will be left unprotected.
Community Ranger patrols regularly top the poll when residents are asked how they would like to spend the £50,000 that Ward committee has available for improvements in the Westfield area.
We are very disappointed with the attitude of the new Council towards security. They need get on top of the problem quickly.

2 thoughts on “Security patrols withdrawn

  1. Councillor Dafydd Williams says:


    I have not ever commented on any stories on your site before, as although I do not always agree with them, they are normally fair comment for debate.

    However, I feel that this story is somewhat misleading and incorrectly gives the impression that we have simply withdrawn security wardens for Westfield.

    Westfield councillors were approached after the election to say that Council officers had concerns about the current provider of the wardens service. There is no evidence that the company has been performing their role and have not answered any contacts from the Council to explain or report on their work. This had been the case for some time, including when you were one of the ward councillors.

    We took the decision to end the contract, as we did not feel it was a good use of council taxpayers money to pay for a service that we were not actually receiving. This money has been re-invested in other security measures such as shed bars which will be distributed within the community soon.

    We are however, in the process of re-tendering for this work (which you will be aware as a very experienced local councillor takes some time to do) and have every intention of re-establising security wardens in the Westfield area as a matter of urgency, as soon as a provider can be found.

    I am sure that had we taken any other decision, you would quite rightly have accused us of wasting taxpayer’s money on a service that was not being provided.

    We take this matter very seriously and as you will be aware from comments I made during the elections, security and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour are my personal highest priorities for the community.

    Your sincerely,

    Cllr Dafydd Williams
    Westfield Ward Councillor

  2. Jane says:

    But the Councillors should have organised volunteers to lock and unlock the playgrounds. In fact the 3 Councillors could have taken it in turns to perform this service for the local community

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