Number 4 ftr bus service safe from Labour cuts

The Council meetign held last night heard that Labour will not be able to carry out their threat to scrap the number 4 ftr bus service. Officials told us that the Council has very limited powers to specify vehicle types on commercial services. If a Low Emission Zone was put in place then this may be used to restrict access to certain vehicles including buses. Height/weight/length restrictions can be applied which would limit vehicle types. First could remove the ftr fleet at the end of the current agreement (june) but equally the service may continue unchange or be expanded.
The Council also heard that – against the national trend – use of bus services in York was stable. Total passengers trips in recent years have been:

2009/10 14,774,492
2008/09 15,334,448
2007/08 14,853,143
2006/07 15,144,371
2005/06 14,493,549

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