The way we were in 2010

As part of our pre election review we look at some of he things that happened in 2010.

The new Energise pool on Cornlands Road opens. It incorporates a learner’s pool, a hydrotherapy pool, café and fitness suite. 58% of Westfield residents say they will give it a try.

In a poll, Westfield residents said that speeding was a problem on some local roads. …..A  majority were against a blanket 20 mph limit but most thought that the Police should use mobile speed cameras to enforce limits……….. There was a major crime crackdown in November with 300 Litres of wine and 7 cases of illicit spirit were seized together with 1.5kg of illicit tobacco & 19 wraps of heroin.

The Council agreed to reopen the footpath link from Grange Lane to the ring road (and possibly the route onto Rufforth). The roll out of additional recycling collections for the Green Lane terraced area was announced………. The Council announced that it would demolish the old Lowfields school buildings in 2010 following problems with arson. …….A Christmas food cookery demonstration was held at the Foxwood Community centre and Lidl put on display their plans for the Thanet Road site……… The Fair was to return to the Thanet Road sports area in May.

A new school on Hamilton Drive would replace Our Lady’s in Windsor Garth


A worn verge in Bramham Road was hard surfaced……. and a new dial and ride bus joined the York fleet.

Ambitious plans for the conservation of Acomb Green were announced.  The demolition of Lowfields school was well underway but not before residents had complained about verge damage.

The new Lidl store got planning permission.

The new Foxwood Lane playground was almost complete.

New Foxwood Lane playground

A general election took place in the spring. We told candidates that a high priority was returning local decision making powers to the City….. Later the new Coalition government announced a “localism” agenda which stops London dictating how City’s should be planned. The housing finance system is also to be reformed meaning that York Council tenants will no longer have to pay £6.5 million a year propping up other Cities) ….. The most popular polices of the new Coalition Government –with Westfield residents – were scrapping income tax for those earning less than £10,000 a year, increasing pensions at least in line with wages, scrapping plans requiring people to carry I/D cards and better funding for the NHS.


The York Council voted against a Labour inspired idea to have a congestion charge in the City.

The introduction of a one way system on Milner Street/Gladstone Street was approved………. Nearby problems with parking near the Fish and Chip shop were being pursued by parking wardens………. Further down Green Lane a flashing speed warning sign was to be installed.

A Toucan crossing would replace the zebra crossing on York Road.

The  popular performance group called Medieval Murderers – visited Acomb Explore………. 92% of residents said that they preferred the new recycling boxes to the bags that they replaced. ………Mark Waudby joined our local team as Westfield Councillor Sue Galloway was sworn in as the City’s 798th Lord Mayor……….. The Councillors annual cycle ride round the ward took place on 19th July.


The Council announced that the Barbican would reopen in 2011 following successful discussions with a private operator. …………..The £50 worth of travel tokens made available to people with disabilities proved to be a popular choice with many……

 81% of users rated the ftr as comfortable with 91% liking the idea of having Conductors (hosts) on board.

Steve Galloway & Andrew Waller launched a campaign aimed at encouraging residents to use local shops and services………. A successful summer fayre had been held on Acomb Green.

We published a list of the 34 salt bins that exist in the ward. Little did we anticipate the usage that they would get in November and December.

400,000 people used the Energise sports centre in its first year……… The first carol concert ever to be staged on Acomb Green was announced for December……… Additional parking spaces on St Stephens Road (lay by) and St Stephen’s Square (off street) was agreed…… They follow on from the substantial improvements made on Thoresby Road, Cornlands Road and the Windsor Garth area.

Vandals attacked the now empty White Rose pub and the new owners were told to demolish it following an intervention by Steve Galloway. The owners announced that they would build 6 new bungalows on the site.

The local team of Councillors completed a survey of 5500 homes in the ward. ……….Most popular improvements with residents proved to be the recycling collections, the new Askham Lane roundabout, Energise and the new Explore library.

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