Kingsway West possible highway change

Kingsway West possible highway change

Council officials have highlighted a cycle accident problem at the junction of Tudor Rd and Kingsway West. To help address this problem they are proposing some changes to the layout of the junction.

The existing layout, shown in the top left hand corner of the plan, encourages vehicles turning right from Kingsway West to emerge straight onto the roundabout without first making the right turn onto Tudor Road (see blue arrow on plan). This means drivers are choosing to effectively go through two road junctions in one movement which increases the risk of mistakes being made.

The preferred movement (see red arrow on plan) shows how drivers should make two distinct manoeuvres. To ensure the preferred path is followed officials are proposing the following changes at the junction (see attached plan).

· The addition of a build-out on the corner to the east of Kingsway West, and repositioning of the give way marking will provide a better position for drivers emerging from Kingsway West to make the preferred movement.

· Introduction of a splitter island at the junction of Tudor Road with the roundabout. This provides a barrier to vehicles turning directly onto the roundabout and ensures they will take the preferred path.

· Removal of an existing length of footway and reinstatement as verge so to discourage pedestrians from trying to cross at the proposed splitter island. Making the new island a pedestrian refuge was investigated but could not be accommodated due to insufficient road widths, so the proposed island is only to ensure the separation of traffic. However a new crossing point is proposed on Tudor Rd to cater for pedestrians wanting to cross close to the roundabout.

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