Good jobs news

I am pleased to announce the success of the Kingsway West Area Action Project, which aims to increase employment in some of York’s most deprived neighbourhoods.  There has been a significant fall in the number of people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance in the areas targeted by the Project. Between April and July this year there was a drop in the number of claimants by 21% in Kingsway West, and by 19% in Chapelfields. This is a great success, especially when compared to the city average of 12%.  I think the Project is a fantastic example of how a multi-agency approach pays off, as the City of York Council is required to work with a range of agencies including the NHS, Future Prospects, North Yorkshire Police, York Young People’s Services and the Citizens Advice Bureau. The Project, which was launched as a pilot in Kingsway West in 2008, has since been expanded to the Foxwood and Chapelfields areas, with plans to spread the project to Clifton.

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