New Vehicles Set To Boost Dial & Ride Service


City of York Council’s popular Dial and Ride services is set to benefit from two brand new vehicles later this year after the decision was taken to allocated extra funding to the scheme.

The Dial and Ride service provides a door to door service to a variety of locations across the city including Clifton Moor, Monks Cross and the city centre, as well as providing transport to the new Energise swimming pool and sports centre. 

The new buses (which will be similar to the one pictured above) offer better access for disabled people with a single low step entry and a ramp to the side door, which provides easier access compared to a rear wheelchair lift.

The new buses will also feature improved emissions standards, electronic destination displays and fittings for a ticket machine, which will allow the bus to be used for other public bus services when not being used for Dial and Ride.

The purchase of the vehicles will be aided by £73,000 in funding from Yorkshire Forward, which will be combined with £97,000 from City of York Council’s capital programme.

The capital programme had included the purchase of one new vehicle for the Dial and Ride service but at an Executive Member Decision Session last week I approved proposals to extend the capital programme allocation to enable a second vehicle to be purchased.

The Dial and Ride service is very popular and makes a big difference to people who are otherwise unable to use regular public transport.

The service can take people to both city centre and out of town shopping centres to enable people to remain independent, despite not being able to use other buses. The Dial and Ride service also provides transport to the new Energise pool, allowing people to take advantage of the great new facilities there.

The purchase of the second vehicle required only a modest addition to the capital programme and so provides excellent value for money as well as providing a vehicle with improved disabled access.

It is expected that the new vehicles would be delivered by September and they will start operating on the Dial and Ride service immediately.

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